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Thanks !
Reply: did we make a trade? more info please.

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notpod about 1 month ago

Sorry I check into chat, I never look at the wall, or use the trade system, just PM in chat and I will give you the key for free. no worries.

oliveiracardoso about 2 months ago

Hi notpod, do you still have the Windscape and Darksburg games? Interested in trading for Snake Pass and Rogue Stormers?

notpod about 2 months ago

yes I do. PM and I will post the keys. I check in a few times a day.

oliveiracardoso about 2 months ago

I created the trade announcement for the two games (Snake Pass and Rogue Stormers). Send your offers. Thanks.

oliveiracardoso about 1 month ago

I already got the Darksburg game. I still want the Windscape game. Send your offer.

Christoph about 2 years ago

hey, for whatever reason the system keeps telling me to wait till you accept my friend request and it doesnt let me reply to your message XD im not sure whats going on

notpod about 2 years ago

I posted key in PM. I think the thing to do is NOT to close the PM. If you don't see it try again.